About us

Ealing is on the move!

The Elizabeth Line is providing exciting investment and development opportunities – and our club is determined to play its part in ensuring change reflects the best of Ealing and its future prosperity.

Businesses which operate in Ealing and which are committed to its long-term prosperity are key to our national economic success and locally to a flourishing borough.

Our members represent a diverse cross-section of local SMEs, start-ups, micro-businesses, higher education, Arts and Sports.

We are a voice for local businesses to share proposals, and best practice, discuss local and national concerns and explore common issues.

The spirit of EBC


    Everyone is equal; everyone has a voice.
    Those with skills and experience to share are asked to give a helping
    hand to those who need them.
    Community projects are welcomed and supported.
    One-person start-ups have equal status with SMEs.
    It’s a Club where belonging is paramount.


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    We promote a warm welcoming atmosphere.
    We offer hospitality and goodwill to everyone who comes along.
    We look out for each other rather than looking out for what we can get.
    We foster an atmosphere of friendship and fun.
    We enjoy each other’s company.
    We believe in the power to change things together.
    If you share our values, come and join us.


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    Our breakfast meetings provide an opportunity to talk and listen to
    others in our business community: aspiring young business owners, the
    ambitious, the battle-hardened, the senior corporates, the micro-
    newbies, our educators, our sports and community members.
    We are a pressure-free environment: relationships to make, community
    to support, everyone connected.
    It feels good!


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How it works

The Club has an informal and relaxed structure.

Our Chairman is Ealing businessman and local Councillor, Julian Gallant.

The club is run by its Director, Trisha Stewart, with help from a small team of volunteers.

Everyone involved in the Club does so in a voluntary capacity.

We hold quarterly breakfast meetings which offer a valuable opportunity to meet with other like-minded people from the diverse businesses of Ealing and West London.

We ask for a small annual subscription from our members and look for sponsorship from across the membership to support our breakfast, social and fundraising events.

Breakfast meetings are held and hosted in a range of local hospitality venues who welcome and support Ealing Business Club.

If you would like to host or sponsor one of our business breakfasts, please contact Trisha Stewart on trisha.stewart@hotmail.co.uk

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